BROOKELYN   ||  senior portraits A beauty dressed in Burgundy.  I could not have been happier with how this shoot turned out. We tried out a completely different location and we (both) loved it!          


MISS MAGGIE   ||  senior portraits A whirl wind of fun.  I was so excited when Rhae and Maggie asked me to do senior pictures for them. I have watched Maggie grow from a goofy, rampunktious pre-teen into a goofy rambunktious senior! Miss Mags did and done her homework and was smizzing like a true ANTM! Smiling was not an…


RHETT   ||  senior portraits The Boy in Blue.  I ventured across town to the 'other' side for this one and swapped out the Orange for Blue. Loved the sliding photos in this session.          

The Davis Family

THE DAVIS FAMILY   ||  family portraits A little boy and a bunch of flowers.  We laughed our way around Morgan Creek and had a right old time.  And then there was that moment, the moment where everyone just has to smile!        


MEGAN   ||  senior portraits The  tale of the two left shoes.  Megan went to change into her party dress and a pair of stunning red shoes, to discover that the sales clerk had given them two left shoes. Mum to the rescue and off to Younkers she went, back in time for us to finish up with some beautiful…

The Nelsons

THE NELSONS   ||  Family portraits This time I got the whole family!  I first got to shoot Nick for his Senior portraits last year, this time I got the whole family...including the dog! Who I might add was very well behaved! We had a bit of a giggle!          

The Langer Family

THE LANGERS   ||  Celebrating Brody's 1st birthday My first birthday shoot!  I could not have been happier with how this shoot turned out. With a little bit of planning and a lot of hollering and hooting from mum and dad (thanks Adam and Amanda) Master Brody was the picture perfect candidate for 1 year photos! I had so…